About Me

Who am I ?....

Well that depends. 

The "Who I am today" has crazy, curly hair, love cats and has a wicked sense of humour.

She loves Sushi, and Chai lattes, shopping trips with her best friend Connor and playing "Cards Against Humanity". Easily the best card game ever. Beaten only by the drinking game "Hello"....which sadly no longer holds the same appeal for her, now that she no longer drinks alcohol....

The "Who I am today" is honest,  kind and a good person to be around, and she  once bought every copy of "The Big Issue" off a vendor because she knew that his dog had died and she didn't want him to be out on the streets when he was upset and at his most vulnerable ( yes, she know's that that could be "enabling" and no, he didn't use it to buy heroin)

The "Who I am today" is a million miles away from the "Who she used to be" .....a terrified, addicted, sofa-surfing mess, less than 12 months ago. 

A combination of a broken heart,  horrible events, drinking too much alcohol, hiding from a mysogynist and sofa-surfing put her in hospital. Followed by admission into detox and then months in rehab.

This is her story.

It began as therapy.  A way to process a horrible chain of events that ended in a mental breakdown and institution.

Twelve months later with her life thankfully getting back on track, her scribbles morphed into "Just A Girl"....and so here it is.

An account of how it felt to be "Me"....as I was then, inside my head during that  horrific final year. And how I eventually clawed my way back to sanity. Straight from the horses mouth. Written by Just a girl "Who I am now" - a happy, healthy published writer.

Welcome to my world, and "Thank you" for reading.....x


Dedicated to my little man, Sally, Jackie and C.C  - For everything you did - and to D for making this website happen xx