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    • Nicholas Groves On 11/05/2020
    Hi There,

    Saw your video - It hit home. I'm bipolar, but the medication helps, have been through a dip with this home lock down. I have also watched your other videos on YouTube...excellent content. Please keep making them.

    Nicky G

    South Africa
    • Jeanne On 11/05/2020
    An artistic punch in the stomach. That’s how I felt after viewing ‘This is depression ‘ and reading Denise’s blogs. New to her writing ( a new twitter follower) I had little idea of the subject matter. Bleak, raw, dark, shocking and so sad. Anyone who has lived through or with addiction will resonate. Warning!! Can unearth forgotten/buried feelings. Big up to you and your strength and tenacity. Good luck on this exciting next leg of your journey. Big love ❤️
    • Rachel Isbister On 11/05/2020
    I was so happy that Denise asked me to work with her on her brain freeze monologue- her words are raw, honest & beautiful. It was a pleasure performing it. Thanks so much! X
    • Emma Lacey Turner On 11/05/2020
    Denise and I have a history of working together in the arts, communicating to others the experiences of those with lived experience and mental health. Since then two years have passed and I can now call Denise my best friend. I have witnessed her talent touch the lives of countless individuals. These people who have read her magazine articles, Discussed her life experiences personally in a conversationalist art piece, read her daily blogs on mental health, listened to Her radio interviews detailing her life, watched her award winning animated film ‘this is depression’, watched and listened Actors perform her monologues on social media, also radio and soon she will reach out to a younger audience with her book ‘why I don’t want to go to school’. Denise works selflessly and tirelessly to inspire and encourage others to live their best life.
  • Thanks so much for the amazing script I was honored to perform. Such great development in only two minutes, a deep character and back story, meaningful and moving words. Very grateful to feel a piece of your journey and recreate a small part of it.

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