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    • Denise McDougall On 19/11/2020
    This is one of the most talented women I have met
    Her accomplishments are outstanding
    from her pain she has created so
    Much good and helps so many people myself included
    And is so deserving of recognition for her work
    it’s just the beginning
    Many good and wonderful accomplishments ahead I am sure
    Showing us we can go from nothing to something wonderful
    Wishing you all success in your bright future
    • Meryl On 15/06/2020
    It's somehow the simplicity and truth of your words alongside such powerful imagery that together cut through everything and get right to the heart of a piece.

    I loved working with you on one of your monologues and thank you for offering it to me.

    Keep blazing your trail mxx
    • Nicole Barber-Lane On 24/05/2020
    Getting to work on a piece of writing by this wonderful lady has been absolutely extraordinary......working with Kimberley Sykes as director, we delved into the piece trying to explore a world and addiction I had no experience of.......The writing is so rich with heartfelt description and a obvious deep understanding and experience that it truly moved me in reading "HOME" from the first time and every time after. Thank you so much for putting into words such a powerful piece and true pleasure to perform. I only hope my performance was worthy xxxx
    • Emma O'Hara On 24/05/2020
    I came across your work through a monologue competition on Twitter - your writing was performed by an actor. I immediately loved the writing and discovered you and your animation on depression. I reached out to you via DM on Twitter and long story short I got lost in your writing. I'm sitting at 1am reading your story and I feel I can't put into words what it makes me feel. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being so lovely and kind on Twitter chatting to me, and I hope I can perform one of your pieces soon. Your work is invaluable. Your writing beautiful. So raw and real and important. Though rife in the world we live in today, depression is still a scary and lonely place to be, and it's work like yours that fights the battle we humans can have against our own minds. Thank you for fighting your own battle and helping the rest of us to fight ours. ❤
    • Raynor Winn On 22/05/2020
    The power of words is in the truth they hold, and in your writing and films you've faced your emotions at their most painful, without fear or hesitation. It's that honesty that's allowed you to make such wonderful meaningful connections with so many others who've found themselves in a dark place. Keep doing what you do - it matters.
    • Matt Peacock On 22/05/2020
    Denise - your short has rightly taken the world by storm - it’s so beautifully written and the animations are sublime. And with your other projects - the blogs, scripts, the collaborations with artist Emma Turner ‘Are you sitting comfortably’ - you have brought a new voice to the areas of depression, addiction and homelessness. A truly pioneering artist activist. Matt x
    • Kimberley Sykes On 21/05/2020
    It’s rare to come across writing that makes you truly, really, properly look inside yourself and the world around you. For something so personal to have such a vast impact is extraordinary. A gift and a challenge to work with as a director... the way it should be. Once seen, you cannot forget these words. They remind us how thin that thread is which holds us all up. Thank you.
    • Megan Prescott On 17/05/2020
    I watched Denise's short a while ago and was really moved. It hearkens to a lot of my own and my families experiences with depression and it really is a wonderful and unique piece of art.
    • Ricky Nuttall On 16/05/2020
    Such a beautiful project. Full of bravery, honesty and vulnerability. It is inspirational as much as it is stomach churningly painful. All this from a woman as powerful as the project itself. A true tale of the phoenix. Thank you.
  • The journey youve been on has been tough and im sure it still has its tough moments, but the journey you are on now, and sharing those stories...well thats helping a lot of people who are now....where you were..... keep up the wonderful work
  • Raw, gritty & powerful. Love your page and your twitter, it’s been a big help for me on my mental health/recovery journey. Excellent content.

    • Tinder Girl On 14/05/2020
    Such raw, powerful, beautiful brave work. An important story that needs telling. Inspiring, resonant and evocative.
  • Was chosen to perform an AMAZING piece by Just a Girl, and it was so moving; so raw, so incredibly written, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I’m so excited to see where this woman goes in the future. With these works here on her blog, and with the depression short, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for her. But a good one.

    I haven’t been able to read much else of her blog because I deal with a lot of mental health issues myself, and some of it is triggering for me, but I’m happy to call you acquaintance and friend.
    • Shaz On 14/05/2020
    Thanks so much for submitting your film to our festival, it was one of our favourites and we were pleased to include it in our programme. It was a very raw, honest and moving piece - thanks for sharing your story!
  • Love reading your work. Always emotional. Always truthful and quite often heartbreaking. Keep going.

    • DDD On 14/05/2020
    So powerful, so emotional. Made me want to reach into the words and find the writer to hold her and reassure her of love and care. Beautiful yet heart wrenching.
  • Powerful writing. Exceptionally talented. I think everything she’s written will resonate with someone, everything from the heart, honest and true. Saying things most of us think and feel but can’t always put into words. I’m so thankful to have connected and truly honoured to have had an opportunity to work on one of your pieces. I fully believe in the potential of you and your career and I’m delighted to say that I’ve worked with you.

    Love always

    Keep creating xxx
    • Dayna McFadden On 14/05/2020
    Your writing is fabulous! Your words mean so much too many, very relatable. You have the power to draw others in with just a single sentence. Keep up the amazing work!

    Much love
    Dayna McFadden
    • Lewis On 12/05/2020
    Thank you for sharing your heart felt story . The powerfulness in your writing and short films
    and as your performers
    puts everything overwhelmingly into perspective

    Through what you have shared to all. hopefully one day I'll get too share mine

    Thank you from D (Twitter) xxxx

    PS. Stay strong
    • S P Leathem On 11/05/2020
    It’s hard to find words to convey the strength of impact of such a thoughtful artist. Superb.

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