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Weebles wobble.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 10/06/2018

When I was a kid I loved Weebles.

These, along with Lego bricks and Play-People were my absolute best things. I loved them. I didn't have a favourite, but if I absolutely had to choose between them all then Weebles would win hands down.

Don't get me wrong, Play-People were cool... They were better-looking for a start. They could do more stuff - plus they could live in the houses I built for them out of  my Lego bricks, so in the versatility stakes they pretty much nailed it... but Weebles? Well they were something else.

In a league of their own.

Because Weebles were hardcore. 

It didn't matter how hard you flicked them or how rough you played, those badboys were indestructible. You just couldn't keep them down, and believe me I tried - usually by flicking them as hard as I could - a manouvre which would floor a lego-man completely, but which didn't phase my Weebles... A bit of a wobble for a few seconds - a minute at most, and then they were up...while my lego men and Play People lay in crumpled heaps on the floor. Totally K.O'd. 

So Weebles are resillient little fuckers.

Weebles are the future.

Because while Play-People may be the cool kids in town, they are rubbish in a crisis. The slightest set back in Play-People world and they are in melt-down.

A Weeble takes things on the chin... It knows its place in the world and it knows its capabilities. A Weeble is not being knocked down by anyone. It's hardcore. It likes who it is. It's happy being a weeble.

And when the shit well and truly hits the fan, it knows that it will weather the storm.

I used to be a lego-girl. Small, flimsy....easy to break and man-handle. Some bad things happened that floored me. I spent a lot of time getting hurt and neglecting myself as a result. I drank to escape and it put me in hospital.

And when I came out it was a bloody hard slog to leave lego-girl behind. She was, and always will be a part of my make-up. But I persevered. And I built on the good stuff.....moved away from the bad.... the people and places that could open old wounds and leave me vulnerable.

It's starting to show.

Eighteen months on I'm a new version of me. Because I dealt with the shit deck of cards I was given and I learned and I grew. 

I hid away for a while and I worked on myself...I built myself up from that scrap on the floor. This morning I decided to put lego-girl behind me for good. Make a fresh start.

Today I am weeble...


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