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  • By girly-d
  • On 03/04/2018

I've bought a house.

Well a caravan.....And now it's mine. I own it.

It's just for me.

Well me and Magic.

Magic is my cat.....the one I promised myself I would get just as soon as I got a place of my own. And now I have one. A place that is. Not Magic.....Magic comes later.

I have to move in first....

It wasn't much to look at. But to me it had potential....And I'm right. It does. It has loads.

It's pretty fucking perfect.

I've spent a few days cleaning it,  bringing it to life, and now it's almost finished. And then it's done. I'm in. And five long, horrible years of absolute shit are over and I'm putting them behind me.

This week, five years ago I gave the keys back to my dream house. It broke my heart and then it broke me. I've lived like a nomad ever since.....bouncing around from pillar to post.....hardly daring to unpack in case it all goes horribly wrong for the gazillionth time and I'm back to square one again.

I've spent 16 months rebuilding. I've beaten an addiction.....

And now it's time to leave the lego house.

For good.

Because the first thing that I'm doing once I'm in there is closing the door.

On the last five, fucked up years of my life.

The second thing that I'm doing is going to pick up Magic. Because he needs a fresh start as much as I do.....

And then I'm moving on....leaving this shit behind.

 Living my life.....learning my lessons, looking forward to what the future brings.....just me and him and the unlego house.....because it's taken me ages, but I've built this one perfectly....

I'm going to call it 'Home' I think.....


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