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  • By girly-d
  • On 21/11/2017

So a friend has sent me something to look at on Social Media.

It's written about me.

By someone who really should know better.

It's an attempt by said person to cover some lies that they have recently order to make themselves look good.

And I'm absolutely furious....

Because this is exactly the type of thing that pushes my buttons.

The thing that goes straight for the jugular and would usually have me scampering off to the nearest bar or off-licence in order to begin the process of getting absolutely tried and tested way of coping when things used to get on top of me.

But I choose not to do that these days - Because the only person who would suffer if I did do this now is me.

And so after God knows how many years of self-loathing and self-sabotage, I'm finally kind of done with deliberately hurting myself.

Meaning that the only way I can cope with this huge surge of emotion I'm currently feeling right now, is to use my new way of coping which is to write it out.

Because writing isn't going to harm me.

It's a way for me to channel the bad stuff that I'm feeling safely. Without having to press the self destruct button...

Writing won't make me get into dangerous situations,  hurt myself, black out or fall over.

Writing means that any action I plan on taking ( if any) will be well thought out and rational. 

Writing is a sensible way to get my point across and make sure that said persons  facts are straight for future reference.

Writing is also something that I appear to be good at.

Which is handy. 

Because I'll be putting that theory to the test as and when the time comes to put the record straight.

These days I'm aware of my triggers and the damage that they can do to me if I choose to press self-destruct.

So I make sure that I don't ever let that happen....

By keeping my triggers in check and safely locked away where they can't do me damage.

In the meantime.....the author of this particular piece of fiction needs to be aware of triggers too......because if she's not careful, she might just be getting very publicly shot down in that social media gun that she's currently holding....


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  • Nick Grant
    Keep writing. You're right - writing is a healthy route to channel your negative feelings; writing is a healthy coping mechanism. You're a good writer.