The Queen of Co-dependancy....

  • By girly-d
  • On 08/09/2017

I wonder how long I can do this for? Actually stay single. Just me, myself and I.

I'm not looking forward to it. Plus I'm not technically single yet. I haven't actually told him the news. I'm working up to it. I will tell him. 

And then I'll take this Tiara off.

Hopefully once and for all. I don't want to be queen anymore. I don't even go anywhere nice to wear it. Overnight camping trips in camper vans wearing mud spattered Converse  don't count.

I want to be sitting in restaurants. Wearing killer heels. Drinking pretend wine and eating Scallops. That's my idea of fun.

But there's a problem.  I don't like dining out by myself. People always assume that I've been stood up. And If I'm going to be single then I really shouldn't go out to dinner with a guy either....Because then that's technically classed as a date. And dates aren't allowed because I'm trying not to be queen anymore.

God this is complicated. I need to think this through.

Ok I'll date then.

I'll date but I won't get involved. That could be a plan. Except that it hasn't worked so far. Ever. Or I could just go out to dinner with friends. Except that my male friends generally want to sleep with me. Or have slept with me. Either way it could end badly. Potentially in a hormonal mess. And a taxi for one in the morning.

Back to the drawing board then while I figure this shit out.

I'm rubbish at drawing. So this may take a while. Bugger. I'd strongly advise not holding your breath....


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