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So much more than "Just A girl"...

  • By girly-d
  • On 17/09/2019

To Whom It May Concern...


I don't really know "Just A Girl" very well.

This doesn't really sound the start of a particularly convincing reference, but allow me to qualify this.

It's true, I don't know Just A Girl very well at all. Yet I know her very well through her writings.

We 'met' through a friend of a friend. You know how it is with social media. I'm browsing. Checking trends with friends. Then I found her. Then I read my first blog. Then I stopped in my tracks. Rarely have I come across such brutal honesty. The heartbreaking truth of addiction. The despair. The cycle of chaos, lies, self-destruction, confusion and helplessness that grips, holds and threatens to kill. A joyless whirlwind of loss. Loss of self-esteem, confidence, looks, weight, family and home.

And when all is lost and the bottom of the abyss has been reached? No, there's still a little bit more you can lose.


All this catalogued in black and white. No glamour, no fluffiness. No romantic vision of utter despair to dress up in. No pity party to attend. All cried out, all fucked up. At the end. And if she had had the strength to knock at heavens gate? No one would have been listening.

But folks like me are listening now.

The stories resonate deep. Stories that can only be told by someone who has been there, done that and puked on the t-shirt. I've been there myself and I'm encouraged through Denise's writing, to tell my own story.


There are many stories to be told, and Denise has the elusive gift to inspire, to encourage, to lift up those in pain, those who are in the thick of it, with her stories.

I cannot recommend Denise highly enough. If you have your doubts then let me use an analogy I often use.  Yup, t'is my own.

You may own a stable. You may own horses. You may watch and learn from horses. On your shelves you may have many books about horses. You may know people who ride horses, gamble on horses, trade horses.

But if you've never ridden a horse then how do you know what it's really like?


The end 


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