• By girly-d
  • On 08/02/2020


We all have them.

Swinging merrily away in the closet, no threat or danger to anyone in any way, shape, or form...just as long as they stay in there, obviously.

Only they don't tend to do that do they? It seems that they don't like being hidden away back there in the dark, with only each other and the occasional moth-ball for company. They tend to get bored, restless...and start looking for the exit.

And that's when the fun starts...


 See they don't "get" emotions, skeletons - Theirs are all long gone.  They don't understand the damage they can cause when they eventually figure out how to wiggle that catch free and slip out into the open. After all, they're only bones...

Only they're not are they?

They're  hand- grenades.

 Teeny tiny land-mines, hell-bent on detonating with every step taken once they creep out of  their dingy little hiding place...and boy do those bones make a noise, no matter how lightly they try to tip-toe.

My boyfriend has skeletons.

Well. more accurately,  he "had".

He doesn't any more. They're right here in front of me...millions of tiny fragments of bone scattered all over the kitchen.

He hasn't seen them yet... Is blissfully unaware that that closet door swung open and so they all trooped out to pay me a visit...

He's too busy sleeping off a hangover.

Still, he'll figure it out.

I've left the dust-pan and brush where he can see it.

Right next to the "Dear John" letter by  the kettle...

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