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Single White Female.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 13/11/2017

I remember how scarily brilliant this film was when it first came out. It scared the shit out of me. I was on the edge of my seat with a cushion over my face for at least half of it.

Can you imagine that?? Like if that actually happened to you??

Because you've just happened to cross paths one day with someone who decides that they want what you have. And so they decide to take it....with or without consent. And fuck the consequences...

But then that would never happen obviously. Because Single white female is just a film....

Thats what I thought too....

My bad.

Because films can be based on true stories. And I was about to star in the re-make.

She was supposed to be my friend.

I liked her. Trusted her. Told her my secrets...

I didn't know then what she was planning to do to me.  Unfortunately for her though,  I do now.

She didn't try to move in, crack onto my boyfriend or colour her hair like mine. That would have been too obvious. She was smarter than that.

For a while anyway. She appears to have let things slide lately...

I still can't believe it. She was always so "nice"....normal, dependable. She sent me a card when something bad happened to floor me....saying that she had my back. When what she actually meant was that she was busy secretly stabbing me in it.

My facebook got hacked. Important plans that I made were sabotaged last minute. My psychopath ex suddenly knew of my movements and started to hound me again. I honestly didn't suspect a thing. She was my best friend.

No she wasn't.

For reasons far too long and too complicated to go into on here, she wanted something of mine. Something that was important to me. Something that I had worked incredibly hard for. It wasn't for sale. So she decided to take it.

And now she has it.

And she really doesn't want people to know who it actually belongs to or where it came from.

So she told a little lie.

Well.....quite a few "little" lies actually.

That are going to bite her on the arse very very soon. When she gets caught out.

Because you shouldn't tell lies. It's naughty. Mainly because if you trip yourself up with one, who knows how many more lies you've told in order to get what you want. People tend to not want to believe you.

You especially shouldn't take credit for creating something that had nothing to do with you....and everything to do with the person that it was taken from. Because thats naughty too.

And the person who did own it might get offended.

And decide to take it back...




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