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Responsible Adult....

  • By girly-d
  • On 26/12/2017

He's thirty-two.

I'd say that makes him old enough to decide what's best for him. I told him so tonight. Right before I put the phone down on him. Because I'm supposed to be his girlfriend, not his mum or the babysitter, which means that I'm all out of providing emotional support to little boys. It's not on my to-do list anymore.

I'm a recovered addict. So is he. And basically what that means for us is that we start to show our bodies and our minds a little respect and gratitude for putting up with our shit when we were too sick or weak to think straight as we start to slowly get well again.

A huge part of that means that we must choose our company wisely.  At the minute he's not doing very well on that front. He has an 'old friend' staying with him, and unfortunately, this guy really isn't doing him any favours....this 'old friend' is taking his money, taking over his flat and basically taking the piss, despite only arriving two days ago.... and so I lost my shit with my boyfriend tonight and told him that he needs to send his friend packing. Pronto.

Which hopefully he will. Because otherwise I won't be around.

I've spent all day on tenterhooks because the guy kicked off in his flat last night. I wasn't able to speak to him all day, and when I eventually did get to speak to him, his friend answered the phone with some bullshit excuse as to why.

Unfortunately for his friend I'm not that easily fobbed off. Especially when I know that my boyfriend is already low thanks to the shit Christmas he's just had (which his friend incidentally just happened to wreck because he was stoned,running late and eventually just couldn't be arsed to turn up at my boyfriends parents house for Christmas Dinner)

Anyway, long story short, I insisted that he pass the phone over.

Six minutes later and it's a wrap.

Boyfriend is under no illusion as to just how concerned / royally pissed off I am right now. He's a big guy, he can handle I suggested that he do just that. Tell his "friend" that his open return actually expires first thing does his offer of hospitality, accompany him to the train station and make sure that this guy takes his sorry scrounging ass back to Bristol asap. At which point I will gladly pack my bag and make the journey over there to see him as planned.....but until that happens, I've asked him not to call or text me. Because I've got better things to do with my time than worry myself sick over a grown man and his lifestyle choices. Like putting myself first and not putting up with this type of bullshit.




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