Pulling the Short Straw....

  • By girly-d
  • On 19/10/2017

Last night I went out for dinner with my friend Nath. We come from the same town although we didn't cross paths there - We met hundreds of miles away in Cornwall about 4 years ago when we were work colleagues and I recognised the accent.

He wanted to tell me about his latest love interest. Bound to be interesting, as Nath is as good at choosing women to date as I am at choosing men. We regularly catch up to swap our dating horror stories. His are pretty good, although to be fair,  I usually win.

On the way to the restaurant we narrowly avoided an accident. A car missed us by seconds coming side on as we crossed the roundabout. Luckily, there was no accident but it was an incredibly close call.

I messaged the guy that I am currently sleeping with about half an hour ago to tell him about our near miss. He hasn't replied, despite reading the message.

So that's probably all I need to know really. 

A simple....oh my god, hope you are ok would have been great...but nothing??? Wow. That's bad, even by my standards.

So that's that then. Another one about to bite the dust. Because I am all out of making excuses for a guy who can't even tell me that he's happy that I'm still around, but is more than happy to be sharing my bed....

I'm done with pulling the short straw every single time.

So if and when he does actually bother to reply to my message, I'm going to tell him exactly where he'll be sticking his straw from now on.

Right Up his a**e.....

Because I am royally "fucked off".....and as of about 4 hours ago now, so is he.....


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