Pulling the Rug....

  • By girly-d
  • On 31/07/2017

He left me after 12 years. He didn't have the guts to hold the conversation. He'd already booked his flight. To Eygpt. No chance of me following him there I suppose. I couldn't afford the airfare. He'd got a job. No idea how long he would be away. He never was any good at lying. He was spectacularly shit at it that day. I left first. To save myself the pain of watching him leave. 

He was supposed to come back. To "sort things out". He owed me an explanation. As it was he didn't need to say a word. I found an email. Hotel in Brighton. Double room. 2 people. One of whom was him - the other was most definitely not me. I was blindsided.

He did come back. I got drunk and avoided seeing him. Then I got drunk and shouted. A lot. I called him all the names I couldn't call him the day he left. I wouldn't go near him.

He slept on the sofa. The dog was on the floor next to him. Side chosen. Nice one Cass. Kick a girl when she's down. 

There was a "her"obviously. I didn't give him the satisfaction of asking any questions. I didn't give a shit who she was or what she looked like. Our marriage was over. He got over it by taking her on holiday. Nothing like an all inclusive somewhere hot to mend a broken heart. Not that I would know. He plastered his photo's on whatsapp. I blocked him - mainly for being an absolute twat.

I lost the lot. He knew that I would. He didnt give a shit. He left me to get rid of his stuff. I hired a skip. Then I sold everything I had. I had nowhere for it to go to. My favourite posessions sold to strangers for an absolute pittance -  The contents of my life came to £650.  I rehomed the cats  ( except for Little man..nothing was coming between me and him. Not negotiable). I handed the keys back to the flat on April fools day. I didn't miss the irony of the date.

I was at work when he called. Six months later. He'd made a mistake apparantly. He missed me. Hadn't seen me for a while. I explained that that tended to happen when people split up. You generally went your seperate ways. I asked him not to call again. He was upset. Wanted to talk to me. I told him he was wasting his breath.....asked him if his girlfriend knew he was calling me. Told him she was welcome to him. I may have told him to drop dead. Then I accidently "dropped" the phone. Right on the clicky thing that cuts you off. Oops. What are the chances? Anyway Bye then J. Don't call back.


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