Past lives.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 07/05/2018

I'd always known that my ex was possesive. He's not the type of guy who takes rejection very it took me a long, long time to get far enough away from him in order to ensure that he couldn't find or frighten me anymore. Over a year in fact. Which felt like a lifetime. And according to the lady carrying out my healing treatment today, thats exactly what it was - because up until now I've apparantly been stuck with this guy since the victorian times.....and for what it's worth he was an arsehole to me back then too.

I went to see her for help with cord-cutting. The spiritual act of ridding a person of negative ties and attachments by literally cutting them away, because try as I might, I just haven't been able to shake him off....he was like a ghost, following me everywhere. Especially at night when it's dark. I could feel him lurking.... and so in desperation, I went to see her.

I didn't go with any expectations. I didn't know her as a person and she didn't know me. I just went to see her with an open mind and a willingness to try something a little out of the ordinary hoping that it would help.

And it has....although I'm not sure that I was fully prepared for the experience if I'm honest. It was mainly me, in absolute floods, as she took me through some pretty painful memories and drew my attention to the things that were dragging me down and holding me back that needed to be dealt with asap. 

The first thing we did was to deal with my ex. Because it seems that I was right about him following me. We were psychically attached. Thick black cords connecting me to him, wrapping around me like prison bars. Ten in total - the most she'd ever had to deal with she told me later, after the session had ended. Most people she saw with this issue had one. I had literally been trapped in a psychic 'cage' connecting me to this guy.....presumably to stop me running away from him. Because we have seemingly been together in past lives twice before....and he was abusive towards me in both of those too. So I have extremely high hopes that her magical bolt-cutters have finally done the trick and got this emotional wrecking- ball and chain out of my head once and for all as of today.

More cords connected me to my ex-husband. They got snipped too - along with all of the painful emotions that came with the end of my marriage to him......and then the body work began.

My heart was literally broken she told me. Shattered actually. Into teeny tiny shards, and the sheer weight of my upset and subsequent depression was weighing me down and had been for years. Stagnant emotions of hurt and pain, with nowhere else to go, had formed into layers which had solidified over time, and my heart was currently covered in a black, sticky, tar like substance as a result. Which needed clearing. Pronto.

I was grieving too. The reasons behind why I was grieving she was able to pick up on and tell me graphic detail. She needed to work on clearing this energy too because it was attracting other energies who were resonating with it, and somewhere down the line I had unknowingly attracted a little lost soul, who had attached himself to me, drawn to my energy as he had been grieving too.....a kind of like attracts like scenario. Which of course is exactly what it was. 

Thankfully with a bit of release work, little man was able to detach himself and go on to what hopefully will be his happy place. It made me feel quite sad if I'm honest, that my sadness is what had drawn him to me in the first place and I made a mental note immediately to be more positive from now on.... If only to protect myself from becoming a grief magnet for other lost souls in the future.

The whole experience was pretty intense. A lot of un-acknowledged, unspent emotion came to the surface during the session, most of which had been buried, lying dormant for years. I cried a lot (So did she at one point!) It was heavy going for the both of us at times, but I'm so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for the experience.

All in all, the whole experience lasted about an hour and a half, during which time Psychic cords were cut, negative energies shifted and I gained a huge insight into what had been going on with both my body and mind deep down and on a spiritual level for all of these years. 

My spirit guide came through. To offer assistance and to give me a message. And I found out that my spirit animal is a tiger. Which is cool. Because I really like cats, but mainly because not many people are stupid enough to fuck with tigers... 

All in all, this lady was spot on. She picked up on things that she couldn't possibly have known about me....personal things, painful things, things that are too private to talk about here. I just know that somehow she knew about them and was able to start the healing process which will hopefully enable me to work through them all.

What did I think of the experience? Incredible. I'm writing this at home on my bed feeling as though a huge boulder has been lifted off my shoulders.

Would I go again? Yes definitely. I've already made another appointment.

Overall verdict....I'm a convert....The whole experience was mindblowing. I can't wait to see what happens in round two.....






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