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Painting over cracks...

  • By girly-d
  • On 30/03/2020

It's 3.00am and I'm struggling to sleep.

So I lie here in bed and toss and turn for a bit before deciding just to roll with it, heading downstairs and flicking the kettle on. I'll make a cup of tea I think... a good cup of tea solves everything.

I decide against some biscuits - I can probably do without the added sugar rush I'm guessing, and then I head into the living room where he's sat watching TV. He has a cup of tea in front of him...great minds and all that.

"I can't sleep" he says, giving me a sheepish grin, as I slide in next to him on the sofa.

I resist the urge to say to him that maybe the two bottles of wine that he drank before bed have got something to do with his insomnia, but I bite my tongue instead, and the words are left unsaid.

He has a drink problem, my boyfriend, in case you were wondering. Two bottles of wine before bed is not out of the ordinary...there are two bottles of wine before bed most evenings, as well as the pints and the brandys he drinks while he sits in the bar after work. "Unwinding".

Still, the New Year is coming he tells me. He'll stop in the New Year...

I just smile and I nod and I squeeze his hand, and I try not to worry about how old and ill he is looking, and then we both sit there in silence staring at the TV, because, well, really there is nothing left to say after that if I'm honest.

Nothing that I haven't heard before, anyway...

He's a painter, my boyfriend. He paints peoples houses.

He gets out his brushes and lays down some dust sheets and he glosses over stuff...

And then he comes back home to me, opens the obligatory bottle of wine, sidesteps the massive elephant in the room that has recently come to stay with us, and then we both do the same in our own house...





  • Mooch
    • 1. Mooch On 23/02/2021
    Hey x17 hope ya good n takin care. My shit together is my shit together ya know my script n how I dance. But I ain't ever opened up about how my drinking and my women went hand in hand. I was your boyfriend sat there with elephants in the room I dident learn and I should have done then maybe just maybe I wudda stayed or better still my 1st love Shirley wudda kept me it sometimes makes me sad who I was take care mukka xx mooch

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