My Inner Diva and Me....

  • By girly-d
  • On 14/10/2017


Where to start with this one? She's kind of a law unto herself. She can be hard to pin down in a description. A cross between the terrible two's and a stroppy teenager at a push, with an ego the size of a small country..... If I had to elaborate.

She lives by her own set of rules (that she created and therefore can change at any time ) and never admits that she's wrong. She's funny and sexy, loud and insistent with occasional outbursts of Tourettes. I love her. I think she's brilliant.

I have no idea where she came from. She just appeared. Magically.  Sometime during my little spell in detox. Possibly as a side-effect of all of the medication I was taking at the time....anyway,  It was bizarre.

I didn't want to make a marshmallow tower ( long story) and was busy trying to work out how to rebel. I've always had cripplingly low self confidence and try to avoid any type  of confrontation wherever possible. At least I used to. This mysterious new Inner Diva of mine had other ideas.

"What are you doing?" (Her)

"I'm sorry, what?..."

"I asked what you are doing? What are you going to do with all those sweets?"

"Hmmmmnn...She wants me to make a marshmallow tower" (me)

"Omg. Are you for real?? Why?"

"I have no idea. It's supposed to help liberate my inner child....or something. I'm not quite sure. I haven't done it before."

"Liberate your inner child?? By threading marshmallows onto spaghetti?? That's hilarious. What a ridiculous thing to say..... Have you seen her shoes by the way? What on earth is she thinking? They're hideous. Anyway, it's a rubbish idea. You're not five years old. Jesus..... C'mon-  Say you're not doing it. I'll help you to eat them and then we can go and watch TV or something..."

On and on and on she went. "What's he in for?" "Ooh he's nice, is he taken?" Blah, blah blah. I couldn't concentrate. I was afraid that she'd actually make my ears bleed if I didn't do what she said.  On those grounds I refused to make the tower.

Turns out the teacher was right. It 'was' liberating. But for me, not the supposed five year old living inside me. So I ate the marshmallows and Inner diva and I went off to read a book. It was the only thing I could think of that might keep her quiet.

From that day onwards she followed me everywhere.  A naughty fairy in sky- high heels perched on my shoulder, idly painting her nails. Me and my shadow.

I was getting a hard time in rehab from the staff. Completely undeserved to be fair. I'd been a model patient. I refused to do something that I knew would have harmed my recovery. They threatened to kick me out if I didn't comply. They made me cry. The old me probably would have crumbled. But I hadn't factored in Inner Diva. It was like waving a red flag to a bull. Inner Diva was having none of it. She doesn't take any shit. Which means that now she's in town I'm not allowed to either. She was there like a shot.

"Tell them to shove it up their arse. They can't talk to you like that. Who do they think they are?  C'mon, we're leaving. Nobody puts baby in the corner. You can pick up your things later. I want to go shopping...." 

I didn't have a plan for walking out of rehab. I had nowhere to 'walk out' to.  But rehab was suffocating me, so yeah, I wanted to go shopping too now you come to mention it.  I'd been cooped up for months in the 'Big Brother' house. With the endless CCTv and the groundless assumptions. Some fresh air and a bit of retail therapy would do me good. Needless to say, that was the end of my rehab days. I threw a few things together and then Inner Diva and I went to Lush. 

We'd figure out a plan later.

I love her. I really do. But boy, she's relentless. She has an opinion on absolutely everything. Whether I ask for it or not. When i'm in the shower for example, or out on a date...

I'd chosen the scallops. My absolute favourite. My starter was waiting for me when I returned from the ladies.

Inner Diva was not impressed. 

"Where's the rest of it?" Are you kidding me? How much? Ten pounds?? Ten?? Have you seen the size of it? That's scandalous. Call her over. There's no way you're paying for that. There is literally nothing on that plate. No I won't be quiet. I don't care if I'm shouting. Listen very carefully. You.Are.Not.Paying. Ten. Pounds. For. That. C'mon, we're leaving. I'll meet you outside. We can get fish and chips or something. And get change from a tenner...."

He didn't want to leave. Or go somewhere else. Even though his starter was bland and overcooked. He preferred to sit there and suffer until after we'd been served  our equally crappy mains.  I didn't want to sit there eating rubbish food. I wanted to be sat on the seafront with Inner Diva, eating fish and chips with the wind in my hair.

We didn't have a second date. Inner Diva was bored rigid. So was I to be fair. And he was going bald....

So this is how we live. She's my wingwoman. My naughty and my nice. Queen Bee without a doubt. What she says goes. And so far she is actually always right. I'm a million times more confident with her around.  I'd be completely lost without her . And the crazy adventures we have along the way. She rocks. And by default, on occasion so do I. 

Inner Diva, I salute you...long may you reign.


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