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Mr Optimistic (V)

  • By girly-d
  • On 16/04/2020




I never thought, not even for one second that I would become an alcoholic. I drank to relax, to unwind, to help me to “cope” if things got too much after a hard day at the office.

Of course, I drank more than I should… oh God yes, definitely. Guilty as charged your honour, but a full-blown alcoholic?” No way, not me.

Never in a million years.

Until the day I woke up with the shakes and realised that I was starting to feel like one.

But that was ok, it wasn’t that bad...  I was still going to work, meeting my deadlines, keeping up appearances and all of that jazz.  It’s not like I was starting to drink in the mornings.


Until the day that every cell in my body woke up screaming for a drink.

But hey, that was ok, because it was all under control.

I was doing fine. It’s just that, well my job was stressful and so drinking took the edge off things.  It wasn’t as though I looked ill or anything.

Until people started asking, was I ok?

And I would say “yes, thank you, yes thanks, I’m fine”, as I prayed, they wouldn’t notice just how badly I was shaking. Or hear the vodka bottles clink together in my bag.

But still, absolutely, with my hand on my heart, in the big, grand scheme of things I was doing ok.

I was going to work, paying the bills.

Until I lost my job one day... for drinking in the toilets.

But hey that’s ok, because my job was crappy anyway.

I didn’t need the pressure.

I’d just get another’s not like I was out on the streets.

Until the day I was.

So now I’m sleeping in a doorway and I’m asking for spare change.

But hey, that’s ok - because at least I’ve got a sleeping bag.

And It only gets wet when it rains or some bloke pisses on me in the night.

But hey that’s not too bad, because at least I’ve got my 6 pack, and my trusty piece of cardboard…

Alcoholic? Me?

No way… Never in a million years…






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