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Little Big Mouth.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 30/10/2017

They say you that shouldn't eavesdrop.....and to be fair I actually wasn't. I was busy  getting dressed whilst checking my e-mails. And then my biggest fan in all the world turned up for work and started her usual bitchfest - right outside my window.

My little caravan was her subject of choice today. I actually want to kill her....

She's a cow.


I know it, everyone else here knows it. She hates me because I slept with her ex recently even though they've been split up for over a year. For what it's worth it was a mistake. I regret getting involved. But she doesn't need to know that.

So any chance she gets to slag me off and she's on it....like a fucking pirahna.

Today it was my caravan. Bad move.....She has no idea about that Pandoras box....and if she opens it she will seriously wish that she hadn't.

Long story short I lived there for a while. Me and Little man. It kept a roof over our heads when we had nothing. Little man died while we were there. I very nearly did too. It's parked under some trees next to my little Alice garden. I don't live in there any more but on bad head days I feel like I'm back there....hiding and grieving and thinking what the actual fuck......? Her slagging it off today took me straight back to that horrible, horrible time.

I know that she thinks that I'm weird. They all do. Because they have no about  the girl in the caravan with the tea-set and the cat and the clock arranged in the garden just so.

I'm quiet. I keep myself to myself while I re-build my broken fucked up life. I avoid getting involved in drama or the politics here.....I don't like confrontation.

But I'm getting a little bit tired of this. She's walking on thin ice now.

Because any more of this and she'll be eating every one of those bitchy comments that she makes about me. When I punch her in the mouth.

And no, I won't miss. 

Because it's nearly as big as her arse. And thats massive.




  • Jackie
    • 1. Jackie On 01/11/2017
    Wow, the power of the pen exacts a great revenge, but actually she looks like you did give her a slap xxx