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Lets Be Friends.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 29/10/2017

So he let me down.


"Forgot" about the plans that we'd made. And so I called time on our relationship / fling / friends with benefits "thing" whatever it should be called, that we've been having...

Because I'd had enough.

And now he doesn't get it. Why I won't talk to him....just pretend it never happened and "move on". Because everyone makes mistakes. Don't they?....

And yes, they do. I don't deny that. It's not the "mistake"  that's the issue here.  It's how many he makes. Specifically when it comes to spending time with me.

And he's made one mistake too many. I'm over it. I'm done.

And no I don't want to be friends. I have plenty of those. Who don't take me for granted or let me down last because something more exciting has popped up on the horizon. Who enjoy my company and everything that I can bring to the table during our time spent together. Because they love me for "me".

My friends and I have mutual respect and affection for each other. We help each other out, cheer each other each others each others wingmen. "Circle of trust -Meet the Fockers" style. 

Thats how we roll. 

And so no. You're not my friend. You're not anything to me now. Which is a shame. Because I thought a lot of you. But I'm starting to think a lot more about myself these days....and how I expect to be treated. 

It's basically the exact opposite of how you've been treating me lately A.  So save your texts and your emoji's and your messages asking me if I'm ok....because if you actually gave a shit, you would know how I've been and what I've been up to. The fact that you don't speaks volumes.

And anyway, I've done you a favour. Because you no longer have to "remember" to forget me now.....Bonus. Just think of all that extra time you'll have on your hands to do all of that super exciting stuff on the horizon. Which from now on won't include me. 

Because I'll be busy too.  Hanging out with my real ones.

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