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Friends Re-united....

  • By girly-d
  • On 12/12/2017

My first thought, is that he's not supposed to be here. Here, in the South-West...where I am. He's supposed to be in London. Where he lives and stuff...

My second thought is "Why didn't he say something sooner?" .....

My third thought is "Thank Fuck he didn't say something sooner". Because if he had have done, we would have made a mess of things. Absolute guarantee on that front, because following up on feelings in rehab isn't the wisest of moves.....and we were both spoken for back then anyway.

But now that we are out, both single, and all fixed and stuff.... well that's a different ball game...

Because I like this guy.

I didn't realise exactly how much I'd missed talking to him until last night, but he's cool. I like him. And what is even cooler, is that, not only does he like me too, but that he "gets me". He gets "this". He gets the implications of liking someone like me. Because there are implications with liking someone like him too.

Mainly because we have shared history me and this man. We shared the same house for a couple of months earlier in the year. When he was a mess and I was a fuck up. Which is probably why we both ended up in rehab in the first place. Two misfit peas in a pod.

We had a lot of conversations in there.  We know a lot about each other. Things that you wouldn't dream about telling most people. Things that expose you and portray you as the person you truly are and not just the person  you would like to be seen to be.

And he's a good looking guy. Quiet, funny, considerate, polite.... dark hair. Nice eyes. Nice most things actually. Things that I've seen anyway...

He ticks a lot of boxes.

And so I saw him on social media and stopped to say "hi," because I wanted to see how he was getting on, away from the madhouse that we had shared back then, and because I was hoping that he would tell me that he's fine and that he's put his troubles behind him and that he's enjoying his life back in London, where he's supposed to be.

And he told me all of those things. And he is happy, and he is doing well and he has put his troubles behind him. But then he told me that he's here.


In Cornwall.

He's here.

And we've talked on the phone and we've shared some mad stories and we've kind of caught up with ourselves.

And we've tentatively said that we like each other.....(Well, I was tentative. He actually just came out with it and told me that he thought I was "insanely hot"...and yes, he did instantly get an enormous number of brownie points for sharing that one)......but anyway, all joking aside - we like each other. And we both have our eyes wide open and we know that we need to be careful if we are going to do anything about this. Which is about as much as we can both do for now.  And I'm happy with that. And I'm looking forward to seeing him again....

He's cooking for me Tonight......


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