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Inner Diva goes Camping....

  • By girly-d
  • On 17/10/2017

So I didn't actually tell him that we're over.  

We somehow went camping instead....

Big mistake. Massive.  It turns out that my inner Diva doesn't like camping. Or more accurately she does - but just not with him.

Anyway. It started to go wrong at Sports Direct. AKA Inner Diva's idea of hell. Apparantly it was necessary to buy walking boots. Oh God. It was the quickest Sports direct sale in history. "These in a size 5 please. No I won't need to try them on. BrilliantThankYouBye" And..."Whoosh!". Inner Diva was gone.  Off  to join my inner fox in Lush. 

Anyway. Camping.

Nowhere near a wood or a forest by the way.

We were on a car park. In the middle of bloody nowhere. In a gale. . With nothing to see for miles -  Unless you counted sheep.

No toilet block. No shower. Nothing... absolutely nada.

Not so bad at night time having a wee in the dark in the bushes.  Not quite the same the next morning attempting to wee in broad daylight and then finding out that my lady garden has been clocked by several elderly coastal walkers and car drivers pulling into said car park.

Mortifying. For me. Not them.

So then we go coastal walking. In the rain. Up a cliff.

Inner Diva is not impressed. One iota. It's blowing a gale and she's morphed into a sulky toddler who's run out of prams to throw her toys out of. Inner Diva is essentially throwing a strop to end all strops. He is left in no doubt at just how little she is enjoying this. It would have made painful viewing. If there was anyone else around. Because mysteriously, not many other people seem to be halfway up a cliff. In the rain. Clearly not having fun. No. They are all doing normal stuff. In the warm somewhere. Like I should be doing. 

God I need to end this. I'll tell him tomorrow. 


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