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How to (Re-) Write a Fairytale.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 13/11/2017

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a caravan.

She used to have a house but then she used to have a lot of things. That disappeared, like magic...."Poof!!"....

When her husband left her to "go and find himself " which, the girl later discovered, involved hotel rooms in Brighton and a mysterious other woman.....

Anyway, long story short, the girl took her cat and her shoes and what was left of her life and she went to live in a field somewhere. Because after everything that had happened, it was all she could afford.

Things weren't going too well for her. She had a broken heart. So in order to distract herself she threw herself into the work that she loved.  Which involved helping other people. 

People with broken hearts and massive debts and hungry children. People in hostels or living in doorways. People with sad stories and horror stories, She helped them all....

People started to talk about the girl who would help. Who could fix things, even if they seemed broken beyond repair. They came to her in droves, and she got busier and busier.

But the girl was getting tired. Her marriage was in tatters. She was broke and lonely, and she needed to try and fix herself. And so she confided in a friend who said that she would help.....because she wanted to repay the girls kindness when she herself had been fixed by her.

And so the girl worked and worked, while her friend held the fort. It seemed to be going well.

Only it wasn't.

Because her friend was jealous of the girl and what she had achieved. And so she concocted a devious plan.

Strange things started to happen. Carefully laid plans were jeapardised and disrupted. The girls ability to run things became compromised because of the strange things that were happening. She didn't understand it....what was going wrong???

The girl got more and more upset. She'd worked so hard and she had trusted her friend to help her. But there was a problem.... Her friend didn't want to be a helper any more.

Her friend wanted to be Queen. The person that the broken people looked up to. Like they looked up to the girl.....

And so the friend set out to trip up the girl. To discredit her. And to take away the thing that the girl had created in order to give her life purpose.

The friend became the enemy. 

The girl was upset, she was tired. Her cat died. She drank too much. And she was getting ill with worry. She didn't have it in her to fight the friend.....and so she walked away. With nothing for a second time. Brokenhearted and bereft.

And the friend took the reigns and she gloried in her role and she smiled at her face in the mirror as she adjusted her glittering crown. And the people came, looking for the girl, with their broken things and their broken lives. But the Queen couldn't fix them. She didn't have the power that the girl had....she never did.

So the broken people with their broken things went away, and the queue of people looking for help grew smaller and smaller as word got around that the queen didn't have the answers that they were looking for. 

And the people  turned away from the Queen and looked for the girl....but the girl had been banished and was trying to start a new life for herself living alone in the forest.

The Queen started to panic. She couldn't afford to lose face in the eyes of the people. Otherwise she would no longer be Queen.....and she had grown super attached to her crown.

Something had to be done.

And so the Queen made an announcement. 

That the girl had never existed and that the people who claimed to have met her had been dreaming. 

Because, She said, there was no girl. No one person could possibly have achieved what the girl had achieved. It was impossible. You would have needed incredible super powers to do a fraction of what she had been able to do.

And the people were tired, and the people were hungry and the people had no choice but to listen to her. 

And so gradually the people believed the Queens lies and her propaganda.... and they went back to their old ways of trying to fix themselves.

But then along came a king. And the Queen got excited. She wanted a throne to sit on to go with her shiny new crown. She needed to impress the king. And so impress him she did...

She bought a new dress.

She threw a party for the people, and invited the king to join her. 

She wanted to announce something new and exciting to everyone....

Because the Queen had news. 

She didn't want the people to be sad and broken anymore.....and so she had employed a crack team of super mums - handpicked from the masses, who together had the magical powers necessary in order to fix the people and their problems....and they were going to be incredible. Far better than any fictional girl....

And the people rejoiced and ran off to fetch their broken things that had lain gathering dust since the girl had been banished....

And the King was taken in by the Queen and immediately offered her his castle....

And they all lived happily ever after.....

Except maybe they didn't.

Maybe the people didn't fall for the "super-mum" bullshit. And maybe they weren't happy that the Queen was in her finery all glittering and sparkly, while they and their children were in rags...maybe somebody went and found the girl....

Who maybe would be a far better match for the King...and for fixing the broken people.

Because maybe this  story isn't a fairytale at all....maybe it could be a little bit true, and like all good writers, I just haven't quite decided the ending yet....

But right now, the way that this story is unfolding,  I sincerely hope that the Queen kept the receipt for that dress.....

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