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How to make a scarecrow...

  • By girly-d
  • On 28/11/2020

So first you take a pretty girl, and then you break her heart.

And as she lies there  grieving, take away anything and everything that she ever cared about

Except for one last thing

The one thing you know she absolutely cannot live without... and then wait until she's sleeping, before taking that as well.

So now she has a broken heart, and has no things, and everything  she ever cared about is gone.

Which means the timing's perfect.

It's time to make the scarecrow,



So now you take your grieving, pretty girl, and you make her really thin...

And that long, thick, curly hair of hers, you start to put some knots in it.

And you whisper, whisper, whisper, that maybe she should take the edge off things?...mend that broken heart of hers, oh and lucky for her, you have just the you pass her a bottle and watch while she drinks.

And drinks.

And drinks herself unconcious as she winds up in the gutter.

And the scarecrow's almost ready now, with her broken heart and matted hair, and the dirty clothes falling off of her... and you can barely contain your excitement...because soon it will be time.

Time to unveil your latest masterpiece and show her friends just what you've made.

And see how fast they scatter...





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