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Lessons I've learned....

  • By girly-d
  • On 14/09/2017

So I'm sat in Wetherspoons. My weapon of choice in my self destructive days. An ally I could rely on when the chips were down to help me on my way to oblivion. But today I'm sat here with purpose. One that doesn't involve dragging myself to hell.

I'm people watching. Looking for the broken ones. Like I used to be. And inspiration. Because every cloud has a silver lining if you bother to look for it. Mine was my second chance. A fresh start and a new path to follow.

I used to feel so smug when I was sat here with my pint. Looking at the latte drinkers and the soft drink crowd. I told myself I'd got it sussed. That somehow I looked cool and mysterious.... my way of coping as my life was imploding around me. In reality I just looked like a sad girl getting slowly wasted.

Now I'm the one with the latte. And I don't feel smug at all. I feel humble and grateful and ready to start a new chapter.

It's starting with this blog. It's my life story and my journey. I'm older and wiser and grateful for my lessons. I got out of this relatively unscathed. I'm lucky I got out at all.

So I'm writing my story. As therapy for me. A way to get all of the madness I went through out of my head so that I can move on. To pastures new, and maybe to inspire others who take the time to read it x



  • Nick Grant
    Lattes are fattening. Try a cortado, or a flat white... or a macchiato.

    I've gone the caffeine-free route with mint leaves and a bit of brown sugar.

    Write every day... that's the secret to blogging... write every day. Also photos help.
  • Jackal
    I think it's amazing how far you've come.
    I don't know your full story, but from your writing it's clear to all you've had to overcome some very trying times. To see you come out with optimism and the hope for a bright future is an inspiration to all.
    Your friend,

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