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False Friends....

  • By girly-d
  • On 26/10/2017

I "get" superficial. I do. We've all done it. Played nice at parties or events or meetings or whatever. Superficial is a two way thing. It serves a purpose. No harm intended. You both know that you'll never call the number. Go on a second date. Meet up for coffee and a chat. Its just a way of wrapping up a conversation. Saving face. I get all of that. I've done it loads in the past.

But I don't get false. Hidden agendas. Jealousy. Especially when you don't actually see it happening. From someone who's supposed to have your back. Not be stabbing you in it. Especially when they know that you are going through a really shit time.

Still. I know now.

I know everything....

So you can have what you stole from me. It's yours. You can keep it.

I hope it makes you happy and that all of your deception was worth it.

Because I was ill when you took it.  It became an albatross around my it will be one around yours. 

So enjoy it while you can.....and enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame.....because everyone knows who the real winner is here. And trust me sweetheart, it's never going to be you.   You're just an imposter doing a not very good job of impersonating me.  And failing's all a bit "Single white female"....if i'm honest. Maybe I should be flattered .....or maybe I should just say this....

 The truth will come out. So I'll have my say the meantime though, be careful what you wish for.

Because Karma's a bitch.....and she's coming for you. "Mate"...



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