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Dragging Home the Invisible Bone....

  • By girly-d
  • On 24/08/2017

I need to stop this.

Stop constantly needing approval.

From work, from friends, from men. Definitely and especially men. It's bad for me. I need to stop it. It chips away at my already fragile self esteem whenever I get it wrong. Which is most of the time.

There are too many notches on my bedpost. Mainly from bad decisions made on an equally bad day. Im not proud of that. If I had a magic wand and could unhappen most of those occasions then I would. It would be nice to have a clean slate and not have to do a headcount every time another one bites the dust.

Most of them were idiots. Or bad men. Not bad boys. Bad boys are charmers, players. Bad men. Nasty men. Men you don't forget in a hurry.

A friend once joked about chaining me to a radiator in a locked room for 6 months. Until I stopped making terrible men choices. Maybe she should have done. But in all fairness 6 months is nowhere near long enough for me to start making sensible decisions. I'd definitely need an extension. She's an ex- friend now by the way. Mainly because of bitchy comments like that. No one likes a know it all. And a single know it all at that. Maybe she should try getting laid once in a while...

Anyway. It's on my to-do list.

Along with losing weight, taking responsibility for my life  (aka being a grown-up) and generally sorting my shit out. No biggie. I'm sure it will be a piece of piss.  I'll either look back on this post when i'm finally happily involved with the actual love of my life ( whoever that is). Or i'll get it spectacularly wrong, meet yet another sadistic twat and be dead,  having found myself finally all out of luck with the "bailing my ass out of the shit" fairy who quit. Presumably to go and look after someone less "challenging".

Like Kerry Katona maybe or Katie Price....


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