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Contender to the throne.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 22/12/2017

Soooo......after 4 long years of meeting misogynists, sociopaths, psychopaths and every other kind of unsavoury man on the planet, there finally appears to be a contender to the throne.

A guy who's just rocked up into my life and turned my little world inside out and on its head. A guy who's been under my nose for the last year, who I'd noticed but had been too blind to see. A guy who had noticed me too but who knew that the timing was wrong -  because we had to be by ourselves before we stood any chance of ever being together once we'd come through it all.

A guy who was willing to wait until we had sorted our respective shit out. A guy so similar and so utterly perfect for me it's ridiculous. A guy who has knocked spots off anyone I've dated in a long long time. Which means that he's a keeper.

But just to be absolutely certain, I set a little test for him - To see what his reaction would be. To see what he's made see if he was worth investing my time and energy see if he's finally the guy who gets to wear the crown.

He passed with flying colours and didn't bat an eyelash.

When I took him to the G.U clinic.  On our first date.

Obviously I told him first. I didn't just rock up there with him...we had an open and very frank discussion sat around his kitchen table. Where I explained that if we were going to attempt to do this whole "relationship" thing, then we start with completely clean slates and approach it like adults.

And he was fine with that. Which was good. Because it was a non-negotiable condition attached to me ever going to bed with him. I'm a clever, mostly sensible girl, but I've been around long enough to know that not everyone is on the same wavelength....and so if I'm going to commit to this guy, I'm doing it without any worries or nasty suprises on either side.

And I had had a low moment recently. Where I kind of let my guard down and ended up with a mortifying "chew my own arm off" kind of scenario....because I was feeling pretty grim that night and hadn't wanted to be by myself......

So we went. Him and me. Together. And it was actually pretty cool. We broke protocol by holding our heads up high and enjoying animated conversation with each other throughout. Because it's a sensible thing to do. There shouldn't be any shame or stigma attached. So we rocked it out....the pair of us.

And this is it. It's how we are going to roll.

We know each other him and me. We shared the same floor space for a while when we were both on our arses. And we have nothing but respect for ourselves and each other for the journey we've been on and the obstacles we have smashed or hauled ourselves over along the way.

He's the guy I'm reading the soft porn book with in the charity shop. The guy I nearly accidentally got arrested with. The guy who's setting my world on fire just by being himself.....

And he is categorically the only guy that I want to watch "Up" with. Because I know for a fact that this guys job from now on is to be the guy who wipes away my tears....not be the one who's causing them. 

This is him. This is the guy.

I'm certain of it.

I'm smitten.....


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