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Closing time....

  • By girly-d
  • On 01/10/2018

You have to be able to switch them off.


All of them.

At any given second, with any drop of a hat, you need to be able to flip that switch and call last orders on your head.

And then you scan the crowd for stragglers and you stick them in a box, you gaffer tape them down...and then you stick that winning smile back on and no matter what else you do from there-on in, you keep that fucking box closed ok?

Because from here on in its business.

So no matter what happens now, no matter how horrible or degrading it gets, you go down that dark alleyway that smells of stale piss, pull your knickers to one side and you think of fucking England.

Because that's where the money is...

Heroin's expensive.

Girls like me are ten a penny.

You have to learn to be "accomodating"..or you won't earn shit.

And that's really not an option now...

Not when you've a habit to feed...

My name is Pandora 

Pan to my friends...

But you can call me "baby"...