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Being Brilliant.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 05/02/2018

First of all, being brilliant isn't all it's cracked up to be - I'd just like to clarify that. It's actually a lot of pressure. There are expectations to live up to, deadlines to meet, appearances to keep up......Because people expect a lot when you are brilliant.

So don't, whatever you do get an addiction, start to fall short of peoples sky-high expectations and then spectacularly fall from grace....

Like I did....

Because it kind of ruins the moment....

Before my addiction took hold, I was a high achiever - A perfectionist. A fear of never quite being good enough drove me forwards relentlessly. I was always pushing, pushing, pushing myself...."Dragging home the invisible bone"....When you are desperately trying to impress someone who wouldn't actually give two shits if you bought home gold in the Olympics... in every single category.

Yet you still try and get them to notice you anyway..... 

And just end up exhausted.

That's kind of what happened.

Because striving for perfectionism is draining. The standards that you set for yourself are often so high, that more often than not you will fail to meet your own, unachievable goals. Which, in the mind of a perfectionist, basically translates to "not being good enough" - Which can make you feel bad. And have a massive impact on both physical and mental health.

 Perfectionists tend to have  higher levels of anxiety and depression, Which in turn distorts thought patterns - resulting in an unhealthy mindset, a tendancy towards addiction and, in extreme cases,  suicide. Thankfully I settled for only two out of those three, but at times it was a close call.

My constant need for perfectionism was a huge factor in my  downfall....Because I was a shining star for years. The things that I achieved were huge in that time. But only because I pushed myself to the absolute limit and wore myself into the ground in the process.

Plus there was a gaping hole in my life that urgently needed fixing. And no amount of brilliance could do that. And so I retired from being brilliant. And I went and had a rest - A really long one. So that I could conquer my addiction,  sleep, and think and gather my thoughts while I decided on my next move.

Which right now is to carry on looking after me. Save some money. Write my book. Meet a nice guy.

And my brilliance is still here. All of it. But now it's saved for special things and special people who will appreciate it.

It's no longer for public consumption - Because I'm done with being brilliant. It's massively over-rated, and having recovered myself and taken stock of my life, I've decided that these days....  I much prefer being ordinary.

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