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  • By girly-d
  • On 01/11/2018

I've started a war.

Just by being here apparently... which is exactly what I need right now. Well that, and a whacking great hole in my head, obviously

Because I'm "competition"...

Yeah? Well suck it up princess...cos I'm not going anywhere... I've only just got here.

I leave her bitching by the kettle, head upstairs and start to empty bin bags.

I'm not in the mood for this bullshit...

I unpack my things, head downstairs to knock up cottage pie for the house, and then I swan around as if I own the place... which does exactly what it says on the tin and shows her that the "Queen Bee" crown isnt really up for was mine as soon as I walked through that front door.

She soon gets the message and fucks off into the living room.


Because I've had a long day and I'm really not feeling this...

For what it's worth, my little diva number is a front...but she doesn't know that...and anyway, it makes my life easier and so I don't actually care.

I've got bigger things to think about...

I go back upstairs to my room and I have a little cry, run a bath, and finally crawl into bed, keeping my fingers crossed that the bedding on my camp bed is clean because I really can't be arsed to check.

I miss my little caravan and I really miss my cats...but this is a necessary move right now and I know that they are being looked after...and anyway, I'll have them back before I know it.

I'm tired and emotional and I just want to has already lasted a million years...which is weird, because it's only 7.00.

The radiator in my room sounds like a moped starting up.

I don't care.

I sleep anyway.

Fitful, restless...all over the place.

My head spinning with the old and the new colliding again.

Because I thought that I'd left this life behind when I left here the last time...but then my mental health took a pasting from some idiot guy.

And now I'm back.

In a hostel.

Living with 5 other people that I've only just met.

And so it begins...