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All the single ladies.....

  • By girly-d
  • On 01/03/2018

It's alright for Beyonce.....wriggling around blasting out "All the single ladies" and then scampering off home to Jay-Z.....but what about the rest of us? Us 'actual' single ladies, who don't have a Jay-Z or any other kind of  guy for that matter, to get our groove on with or snuggle up to once the lights go down......what about us?

 What if you don't even own a leotard? Or sexy shiny shoes like Bey? Well, maybe you did.... once. A long time ago......when you were still young and foxy, with the whole world at your feet and when you didn't give a shit about imaginary lumps and bumps or cellulite.......What if anything even remotely resembling foxy hasn't made an appearance from your wardrobe in a very long time.....because everything that does has been tucked away on a shelf somewhere gathering dust - along with your self-esteem and your confidence after the last disastrous relationship you had eventually bit the dust.....

Because I'm a single lady at the minute and trust me..... it's really not as glamourous or as exciting as Bey makes it look in that video.....

There is a serious shortage of dateable men for a start....Which gets steadily worse as you get older.

Trying to meet someone decent at some point before I die is proving to be bloody hard work, because any truly decent men are incredibly hard to find. The good ones are all apparantly long-gone.....snapped up the minute that they become available by glossy haired, long-legged nymphs with no baggage, which usually means that they are happy with their lot and are therefore un-interested in finding a replacement......or, they have recently been dumped/cheated on by said glossy haired, long-legged nymph and are currently now broken-hearted, "off women" and well and truly "off the market".....which means that the singles selection currently on offer is pretty much flooded with the guys that are left......

The un-dateables.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm really not high-maintenance. I'm not a diva or a dolly-bird and I don't expect to be treated like one either.  I don't have a massive wish-list in the soul-mate department. Mine is quite straightforward.

My ideal mans description would read exactly like this.....Just a decent, hard-working genuine guy, who can make me laugh and who can float my boat. Someone who's clever, thoughtful, funny and kind. A guy who can look after himself but who will also make sure that he looks after me...not because I need him to....just because it's nice to feel special at times.  There. That's it. That's my list. It's not rocket science.

I may as well be writing in martian. Because somehow, somewhere this little wish-list of mine gets lost in translation whenever I get approached.......I don't get anything like this.

I get the comb-overs. The mohair jumper brigade. The men still living at home with their parents ....or worse I get the drunk men. The arrogant men. The village idiots...

Its a little bit soul destroying......

I just want someone nice.

Who doesn't expect me to dress in my leotard and my shiny shoes just to prove my independance. Someone who can just take me and everything about me just the way I am......someone who will worship the ground that I walk on (because he wants to) and maybe someone who, one day, a few years from now will want to "put a ring on it".....(Beys words....not mine).....because nobody else comes close.

But in the meantime, the only finger of mine that springs to mind whenever I see that bloody video is my middle one.....




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