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All I want for Christmas....

  • By girly-d
  • On 05/12/2017

Christmas is coming.

For the first time in years I'm excited.

I've bought a tree. And some little star shaped fairy lights.....oh and some tinsel. I've dotted a few candles around. And put up my advent calender. I'm going to write some Christmas cards. To some truly amazing people who have been by my side to watch me make it this far. And to some super-cool new friends that I have made along the way....

Because last Christmas Day I was in detox. And, although, as Christmas's go it was a pretty shit one, it did save my life, which means that, as a result of that, I get to stick around for this one.

And so I am absolutely, categorically going to go for it......

I'm going to buy a Christmas jumper. And some little festive earrings.

I'm going get a Christmas onesie and some dinky Rudolph slippers.

I'm going to eat at least one piece of chocolate every day between now and then, and I'm going to munch my own bodyweight in Christmas pudding. With cheeseboard to follow. And I'm going to wash it all down with copious amounts of alcohol free bubbles while I raise a toast to "Little Man" and to everyone and everything that I'm grateful for this year.

Because I'm alive this Christmas when I really truly shouldn't be. 

And so when people ask me what I'm hoping for this Christmas. I'll reply that I don't really want anything. Nothing materialistic anyway. Because I have pretty much everything that I've ever wished  for right here and right now. 

Well, except for Mr Right. Obviously.  But he can wait. At least until January when I've worked off that Christmas pudding fest I'm planning - Otherwise the poor bloke will be traumatised and not fancy me anyway.....which kind of defeats the object a bit.

So Santa.....I'm ok for stuff this year. Thank you anyway. But if you do happen to see the man of my dreams out there in your travels, tell him that I'll be the girl in the caravan, dressed as an elf, and rocking the rudolph slippers......available from January the first.....


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