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  • By girly-d
  • On 30/07/2018

I'm in my hotel room.

This bed is amazing.

My window is open, sirens are blaring, car horns are beeping and the sound of a million different city dwellers rushing out and about in the city below me fills my ears.

It's a quarter past Midnight.

I really should be sleeping...

But this city is awake right now and so am I...

I'm too excited to sleep.

I'm so not sleeping... 

Because today has been the best day.

Today has been a gamechanger...

Because today I finally saw her.

Right there in front of me.

After I'd sat in Hyde park under a tree with an artist...and I'd sipped raspberry lemonade in a restaurant with some "pretty important people" 

I finally saw what she wanted me to see.

My potential.

She was waiting in the bathroom...

 And I saw her in the mirror looking pretty in her sundress -  This cool, calm, confident woman who came here to tell the story of another bruised and broken woman who, not all that long ago had nothing left to live for but gave it her one last best shot anyway...and by doing so changed absolutely everything...

And right at that moment as we locked eyes, the last five years of complete and utter chaos and madness finally made sense.

Because I know who I am now and what I am here for.

And at some point in the not too distant future when the last piece of the puzzle is finally in place, so will everyone else...

Because everything happens for a reason.

And I know now that this stuff happened to me because once I had figured it out and found a way to outsmart it...I could transform it...like alchemy.

Into something that could be utilised and learned from.

It's why I came here today.

To London.

To tell my story.

To some people who know that the streets here aren't paved with gold, but instead are littered with the bodies of the broken ones...the invisible and the unheard and are willing to do something about it.

People like me.

People who are helping me on this journey.

So today I've been a muse, and a model and a conversationalist. Today I've been a film-maker and a sculpture and given homelessness and depression a face.

And between us all we are making magic happen.

So that soon people can see what it truly feels like to look and feel invisible in the hope that we can change things.

I'm realising my potential...

Being an alchemist.

It's what she told me as she slipped back out the door to her table in the restaurant.

Right before She mouthed the words... "Be ready".


I'm ready...
















  • Matt Hancox
    • 1. Matt Hancox On 23/08/2018
    just checking in :) i'm glad to hear things are looking up. i'm sorry i haven't visited your blog in a while. x
  • FuryOfPatience
    • 2. FuryOfPatience On 19/08/2018
    I relate to some of this. That we go through change, both chosen and not. Seeing our potential is only part of the puzzle, what we do with it is yet another part.