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One night stand....

  • By girly-d
  • On 24/01/2018

My boyfriends parents are coming over.

It's his birthday today so they're dropping off his card and some presents. 

Thankfully, despite my misgivings, he is up and about for the occasion, and so we've spent the morning cleaning the flat. He's been on a bender for days and so there are numerous bags of rubbish and vodka bottles to get rid of...

 He's feeling hungover so I give him a hand. And run into the second worst person in the world....trounced only by my psychopath ex, who I'm presuming is still under his stone....

It's too late to pretend I haven't seen him. He's accidentally blocking my path.

He recognises me at once. Starts to make chit chat.

I really can't be fucked.

I carry on past him down towards the wheelie bins with my two bags of rubbish. Right now I could happily jump in one. I'd probably feel cleaner.

In the scale of things he's a nothing, a no-one. Just some random guy I met on a down day.

I'd had some bad news. Didn't want to drink it away.....but couldn't trust myself to be on my own. Random guy meant that I didn't have to spend the night by myself.

It should never have happened. And it was crap and degrading. And obviously before I met my boyfriend. But it was the lesser of two evils at the time. After all I'd never have to see him again.

Except I just did. 

Twice in fact. Double the fun.

I knew where he lived obviously, my boyfriend lives in the same town. Up until I met my boyfriend this wasn't an issue. I would never have had to see him again, and I've managed not to run into him until now. I was hoping he'd moved. But he's clearly alive and kicking in this place as of about two hours ago and so I'd better get used to seeing him around.

I can't be arsed to give myself myself a hard time right now. Right now I need a shower. Extra hot.

Oh and some therapy.

And a carrier bag to put over my head, so I don't have to see him a third time the next time I leave the house....