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  • Hollow...A poem (Winner of The St Petrocs Poetry competition 2020)

    I’m black and I’m blue and I’m feeling degraded,

    My hair is a mess and my make-up is faded

    I look in the mirror, despise what I see, then I look at this man who means nothing to me

    I creep out the door before he awakes,

    I’m tired and I’m ill…there is nothing to take

    I don’t leave my number, I don’t know his name, 

    I’m tired and hungover and burning with shame

    I creep down the backstreets, avoid being seen, and I long for a shower, or just to feel clean

    There’s no-one to turn to, there’s nowhere to go, 

    It’s just me and my head in this shit horror show

    So I head for the basement and open a can, 

    And I drink to get shit-faced as fast as I can

    I’m all out of options, I’m running on empty, I have nothing left now, I’m just how he left me

    I’m counting the days now, I’m counting the hours,

    Because soon I’ll be dead and be pushing up flowers

    And I’m ok with that, I’m resigned to my fate, because I’ve tried and I’ve failed to keep spinning these plates

    It’s too much too deal with, it’s too much to take, and I’ll tell that to God when I’m stood at his gate

    And I hope that he gets it…that he sees that I’ve tried, as I drown in the river of tears that I cried

    Because I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to stay, in this horrible head fuck of “Alcohol Day”

    So somebody help me, or let’s get it over, I’m all out of hope, I can’t deal with life sober

    So this is my story, and this is my shame,

    Written here on my face and beside my real name...

  • P is for Princess...

    It’s not supposed to be like this…

    My life

    I’m supposed to be a Princess…

    It’s all the books talked about when I was a little girl growing up and I still believed in fairytales

    ”You’ll meet a handsome prince” they said…

    ”Live in a fairytale castle” they said…

    ”You'll ride around on sparkling unicorns all day and everything will be all fluffy and nice” they said…


    Well the books can fuck right off…because there is no fairytale - not for me; not now…and as I look around at this whacking great pile of shit that used to be my life, I doubt that there ever will be…

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