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  • Alchemy

    I'm in my hotel room.

    This bed is amazing.

    My window is open, sirens are blaring, car horns are beeping and the sound of a million different city dwellers rushing out and about in the city below me fills my ears.

    It's a quarter past Midnight.

    I really should be sleeping...

    But this city is awake right now and so am I...

    I'm too excited to sleep.

    I'm so not sleeping... 

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  • Magical thinking...

    I'm sat in the sunshine with an old friend.

    And so I don't see that he's walking through town until he's right at my table...telling me he's had a drink.

    And those words cut through me like knives and everything changes in an instant, as the grim reaper himself takes a seat right in front of me, grinning like a cheshire cat, pointing at his scythe and mouthing the words "I've got another one..."

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  • Promiscuity...

    I'm not an angel.

    I've never claimed to be... and I wouldn't qualify anyway; there are far too many notches on my bedpost.

    Because sadly, I'm not an 'etch-a-sketch'; I don't have an 'erase' button option like they do in "Black Mirror", so basically everything I've ever done in that department has been written across my soul in either permanant marker or giant neon letters.

    For better or for worse.

    Mainly for worse...

    But anyway -


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  • Kissing frogs...

    It's not supposed to be like this.

    My life.

    I'm supposed to be a Princess.

    It's what all the books said when I was little and still believed in fairytales...I was just waiting for my prince and my very own castle and then we'd both live happily ever after...

    Well the books can fuck right off.

    Because there is no prince and there is no castle...

    Not for me.

    Not now.

    There's just a world of shit in this scummy little back street life of mine where I spend my nights on my knees or std and crab dodging.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

    Because if I'd had that to start with I'd have run a fucking mile.

    My name is Pandora.

    Pan to my friends

    But you can call me jaded...


    *** A snapshot of something I'm working on with @iemmaturner that will showcase soon...***




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